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7177 W. Grand, Chicago, Illinois. 60707
Hours: Tues – Sat: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm; Sun: 7:00 am – 1:00 pm; Mon: closed
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Baked Goods

All Things Yummy

Sugar and spice and all things yummy! There is nothing like walking through the door of a bakery and taking in all the warm aromas and all the decadent colors of its goods. Our display cases here at Reuter’s Bakery are constantly filled with the guilty pleasures that will satisfy every single sweet craving your heart may desire. Online pictures for our wonderful spread of tasty delights would be doing our baked goods a horrible disservice. To us, the wonders that get baked are not made to simply be seen on a website. Freshly baked cookies need to be smelled. The heavenly light texture of our pound cake needs to be touched. The rich caramel and ripe pecans of our turtles need to be tasted. And of course, the artistry and craftsmanship of our birthday and wedding cakes simply need to be seen. Come walk through our front doors and immerse yourself in our playground of the senses. You will use all of them as you step into Reuter’s Bakery. And the entire time you spend inside with us, you will wish that there wasn’t a door behind you that you’d eventually have to walk out through.


“Filled with creams, fruits and wild wonders, our puff pastries should be slowly enjoyed and forever remembered. And just as a reminder, the experience isn’t complete without a little tab of white powder left on the tip of your nose!”


“Bread. Fortunate is the person who walks by a bakery just as the newest batch of breads are removed from the hot oven, the aroma wrapping around the senses like a quilt of fond memories. Come inside to relive that sensation again and again.”


“Some would say our baked breads could not get any better. That’s when we add a little sugar and sweets to the mix to take it up one more level just to prove them wrong.”


“Become the overnight sensation of the office by walking in with a scrumptious coffee cake baked fresh by Reuter’s Bakery every morning. The office coffee may not be the best, but a few bites of this tasty treat can make the morning hours, and the bad coffee, go by so much quicker!”


Each and every cookie we bake is a small packet of soft, melting, mouth-watering, sugary goodness. There’s a reason Reuter’s Bakery cookies come in batches. It would be too cruel to eat just one.


“Bite by bite you can woefully watch as the beautifully crafted bar slowly disappears from sight. Good thing you have a second! And a third! And a…”


“The thick cream gets churned so that it arrives to you as a cloud that’s fallen from the sky, nestling ever so gently upon the pastry that now sits before you. Go ahead…take a bite of Heaven.”


Tasty goods that transcend their bite size appearance.

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